Profiling and Enumeration is a simple but powerful tool designed and executed by the residents of informal settlements, who own and use the information that they gather themselves. While Profile is a general and rapid collection of information using representatives of communities, the Enumeration is a detailed survey which involving all households.

Through this profiling and enumeration, the community is able to survey and map themselves, build the skills and knowledge to represent themselves and their needs and priorities to government. At the same time, they develop a critical collective identity that helps form the political basis for their engagement with government. CCI role is to build the capacity of the community to take a central part in information collection.

This process of collecting information is very important because it collects information which sometimes is not readily available within the respective authorities. It builds skills, knew knowledge and deeper understanding of the challenges, helps to create community ownership of the information and in solving identified challenges, it builds the community confidence in voicing up their needs and priorities with well understood challenges and supported data.