CCI Tanzania HIV/AIDS Sensitising and bring together people affected with HIV/AIDS with thev aim of engaging them in development activities ... READ MORE
CCI Tanzania Comunity water point Tanzanians are still faced with water shortages with 45.5% accessing water from unimproved sourced (DHS, 2010). Insufficient water supply coverage impacts most, severely on the poor in both urban and rural.. READ MORE.. CCI Tanzania SANITATION Making urban poor people living in informal settlements have access to clean and safe water through community managed projects READ MORE.. CCI Tanzania SOLID WASTE COLLECTION Building capacity of community in solid waste collection and hygiene promotion with the aim of keeping the environment clean and maximizing the value of garbage by accessing income through recycling. READ MORE.. CCI Tanzania LAND, HOUSING AND SHELTER Implementing community housing projects by demonstrating
community organization and participation in addressing the issue
of affordable land and housing
CCI Tanzania CLIMATE CHANGE CCI works with the community to assess the vulnerability of community living in informal settlements to the impacts of climate change and identify adaptation mechanism to enhance community resilience... READ MORE..

Our Mission

CCI’s mission is to build the capacity of the communities from the urban poor to initiate sustainable development that improve their livelihoods

Our Approach

The primary approach for achieving these aims is to support the development of a strong and active urban poor federation. Support takes the form of establishment of savings schemes;  community resource mobilization and organization; conduction of enumeration and mapping; exchange visits;  partnership support, technical assistance, capacity-building, leadership and management support, outreach, advocacy, action oriented  research and documentation.

Our Vision

CCI aspires to create a fair and inclusive cities where communities   from the urban poor will unite be empowered with skills to effectively   negotiate from their collective interests and priorities.

Homeless International partnership with CCI Tanzania


UK charity Homeless International has been working with Paradigm Housing in the UK and Tanzanian organisation Centre for Community Initiatives to develop an innovative low cost rental housing scheme in Chamazi, Dar es Salaam. The scheme is providing affordable and sustainable housing solutions for residents from slum and informal settlements. For more information about Homeless International, visit

Tim Ndezi


CCI Tanzania

Our Programmes

Water Provision

CCI supports the community through capacity building to plan, implement and manage water Projects

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Climate Change

CCI and Tanzania urban Poor Federation have realized the need to incorporate Climate Change in its programme.

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Solid Waste Collection

Federation promotes hygiene through provision of knowledge households to households and through community meetings. Hygiene and ..

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Land, Housing Shelter

Tanzania urban poor struggle with issues of secure tenure, poor housing and threats of forced eviction. Government efforts to ..

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The overall 5.1 percent of Tanzanians with the age between 15-49 years are HIV-positive. HIV prevalence is higher among women with ..

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Sanitation Programme

CCI conducted enumeration, mapping and profiling in cases sanitation challenges and its effects have been acute.

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