Where We Work

Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI) is an organization that has an urban poverty agenda working and organizes communities living in informal settlements in urban areas  of 8 cities in Tanzania. The cities are Dar-es-Salaam in all Municipalities, Morogoro, Dodoma, Mwanza, Mara, Arusha, Tanga and Zanzibar. The expansion of urban poor support programmes continues depending on the needs and available resources.

Why the Urban poor in Informal settlements?

Tanzania in particular has the third highest slum growth rate in Africa, over 6% per year, and the sixth largest slum population with over 6 million people living in slums. Marginalized from life and opportunity in the formal city, the urban poor are in many ways invisible to many urban development agendas which have ended up many living in poor condition with lack of land tenure, poor housing, threat to evictions, Lack of water and poor sanitation. For a quite long period of time, slum dwellers have always expected the Government authorities to intervene and address their challenges without any successes.

CCI works with the urban poor with the primary mechanism of empowering the community to innovate new mechanism of engaging with the state in order to ensure that their needs and demands are addressed. The urban poor need to prioritize their own demands and articulate their aspirations to become critical actors in transforming cities by identifying their needs and planning for affordable and viable solutions.