Tanzania Urban Poor federation (TUPF)

Tanzania Urban Poor Federation (TUPF) is a network of small urban poor community groups living in informal settlements that formed a national urban poor federation of Tanzania. The Federation is a member of the Slum Dwellers International network and currently has about 17,000 members in eight urban centers across the Tanzania country. Implementation of various activities is being done in collaboration between TUPF and CCI.

Shack Dwellers International (SDI)

Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI) is described as an international people’s organization. SDI supports the creation of national federations of urban poor. The fundamental building blocks of each country’s federation are community savings and credit groups. These groups promote a culture of saving, learning, cooperation, grassroots organization, and dialogue. These federations receive technical and financial assistance from national NGOs. In Tanzania, CCI is the Federation’s support NGO. To learn more about SDI methodology clicks HERE or visit their website www.sdinet.org .

Homeless International (REAL)

Formerly known as Homeless International, Reall – or Real Equity for All – is a UK-based international development organization that is dedicated to alleviating housing conditions in informal settlements across the developing world. In 1989 Homeless International was born out of the social housing community in the UK and we have developed a unique approach to tackle the problem of slums.

It has a vision of the world in which all people can exercise their right to land, basic services and shelter. They help slum dwellers by supporting the development of partner organizations in Africa and Asia, which have their roots in poor communities. .

Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland

The Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland is a non-governmental organization established in 2002. It has a vision of making dry toilets an essential part of sustainable development in order to ensure that future generations will also be able to enjoy clean water and a healthy environment. The promotion of dry toilets aims at improving the sanitation situation as well as making the toilet products as an enterprise by selling composting and urine as fertilizers. The Association is the best known promoter of ecological sanitation in Finland and an expert organization in Dry Toilet technology.