Community is organized through savings, collecting information through enumeration and profiling in order to build a good and strong basis for lobbying and advocacy. Community members through identified teams are empowered to use the cohesion and information gathered to negotiate and engage the government.

Setting precedent projects has been used as one of the approach in engaging the government by not only talking to government but rather implementing projects which are used for learning purposes to government and other stakeholders. Other means of engaging the government has been establishing of municipal forums for facilitating a platform for community and government officials to come together, discuss challenges and ways of solving those challenges in a more collaborative way.

CCI and Tanzania federation of the urban poor believes that the government alone or the community alone cannot solve the available challenges within the information settlements, but if there is a co-production where community together with government are able to come together plan and implement together, there is a possibility of reducing the challenges by identifying more practical solutions basing on local environment, cost effective and more sustainable.