The Issue

Tanzania urban poor struggle with issues of secure tenure, poor housing and threats of forced eviction. Government efforts to address housing problems in urban areas have been very limited due to either resource constraints, lack of priority or low political will. The urban population struggle very hard to access surveyed plots and when available they are sold at prohibitive high prices to the common man, which has led them into settling in-unplanned and un-serviced settlements.

Our intervention

As a way of demonstrating the more affordable way of addressing land and housing challenges, Tanzania Urban Poor Federation (TUPF) with support from CCI initiated two affordable housing schemes. The first one is the Chamazi community based housing  scheme located at Temeke Municipality in Dar-es-salaam and the second one is the  Sejeseje community based housing scheme located at Miyuji in  Dodoma Municipality. Both housing projects have highly considered and demonstrated the role played by community organization and participation by purchasing land, planning and participate in construction work with the aim of reducing the cost and creating ownership.