The Issue

Around the world, climate change is increasingly recognized as a major challenge.  The effects are being felt already and will increase in intensity over the coming years. The Least developed countries including Tanzania will be the most seriously affected by a rise in sea level, changing patterns of rainfall and increases in average temperature.  The issues of poverty, inadequate infrastructure, and environmental degradation, lack of education about climate change, the rapid pace of urbanization intensify the effects of climate change.

Innovative urban policies and practices have shown that adaptation to some of these effects is possible and can be built into development plans. These include community- based initiatives led by organizations formed by the urban poor, and local governments working in partnership with their low-income populations.

Our Intervention

CCI and TUPF have initiated various climate change programs: to assess the vulnerability of the community living in informal settlement to the impacts of climate change and document the adaptation option practiced; to identify adaptation mechanism required to enhance community resilience to the impacts of climate change; and to raise awareness on climate change issues to the community in general. CCI supports the community through federation to create a platform for community and government officials to work together in addressing climate change issues.