Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI)

Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI) is the national support NGO formed by Tanzanians with a desire of providing technical and financial assistance to the community living in informal settlements and the Tanzania Urban Poor Federation (TUPF).

CCI, established in 2004, facilitates processes that develop organizational capacity at the local level and promote pro-poor policy and practice in Tanzania urban development focus.

CCI strives to create inclusive cities with united and empowered communities of the urban poor who have the capacity to voice, promote, and negotiate for their collective interests.  In partnership with organized communities of the urban poor,

CCI works to increase access to secure land tenure, adequate shelter, and provision of basic services such as water and sanitation for the slum communities and public services. The key to these services is innovation in terms of technologies and affordable costs to ensure sustainability.

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Mission, Vision and Approach

Our Primary approach

For achieving these aims is to support the development of a strong and active urban poor federation. Support takes the form of establishment of savings schemes;  community resource mobilization and organization; conduction of enumeration and mapping; exchange visits;  partnership support, technical assistance, capacity-building, leadership and management support, outreach, advocacy, action oriented  research and documentation.

Our Mission

CCI’s mission is to build the capacity of the communities from the urban poor to initiate sustainable development that improve their livelihoods


CCI aspires to create a fair and inclusive cities where communities   from the urban poor will unite be empowered with skills to effectively   negotiate from their collective interests and priorities.

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