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Water Sanitation 0

Water Provision 0

<p>CCI supports the community through capacity building to plan, implement and manage water Projects. The provision of affordable loans to federation and non federation members is done to enable access of clean water through Households water connection, Water kiosks and borehole construction with connection to several water kiosks to supply water for wider community.</p><p>

These projects are managed by community members under a special appointed committee. Currently a total of 220 households have water installed in their houses, 16 water kiosks constructed and 5 boreholes drilled for supply of water.</p>

Toilets Construction 2

Through Urban poor Fund (JENGA) managed by community members, the federation has been able to provide loans and train local technicians for toilet improvements. Currently there are more than 100 trained technicians for toilet construction of whom 70% are women. The skills acquired have been able to provide income for them. A total of 940 households toilets have been constructed serving more than 14,300 people.

Decentralized Waste Water Treatment 0

Lack of sewerage system in most cities in Tanzania has led CCI to look for alternative technology as a solution to the challenge. One of the alternative solutions was to construct the DEWATS to establish Housing projects in Dodoma and Dar es Salaam. The DEWAT will enable residents to have access to an effective way of managing waste water and re-using the water for gardening.

Simplified Sewerage System 0

Simplified sewerage system was identified as one of the alternative solution on waste water management particularly in densely-packed informal settlements. The technology has been simplified in consideration of making it more affordable and scalable, hence provision of access to health living conditions to many communities who do not have the access to sewerage in the settlements. To test the technology a pilot project has been implemented between CCI and federation in collaboration with Ardhi University and Cambridge university of UK.

Hygiene Promotion 0

Federation promotes hygiene through provision of knowledge households to households and through community meetings. Hygiene and solid waste teams are trained by CCI to promotion hygiene and collecting solid waste within their settlements in partnership with authorities. Some of these groups have gained official recognition and are now able to tender for contracts from Local authorities.

In recent the federation has initiated and linked the solid waste collection with recycling to maximize the potential of garbage for producing fertilizers and other materials for getting more income to groups. This also will reduce the cost of transporting garbage to dumping sites which are usually located far/outside the city. As a starting point, Dodoma municipal has allocated 3200squire meters of free land to federation and CCI for recycling work.

Climate Change 0

CCI and Tanzania urban Poor Federation have realized the need to incorporate Climate Change in its programme. The purpose is to assess vulnerability of communities to climate change, and develop community based adaptation programme to address the effects and impacts of climate changes. The key aspects which CCI has undertaken on climate change is to conduct rapid assessment of settlements where Federation is working to determine areas which are more prone to climate changes effects such as flooding.

Land, Housing And Shelter 0

Housing Cooperative

CCI supports mobilization of communities to negotiate for land and establish affordable housing schemes. This includes the development of institutional base such as housing cooperative. The cooperatives help the community to explore various financial options for accessing affordable loans. CCI also supports communities with technical skills to design and implement their housing schemes effectively. Currently there are two community led housing projects at Chamazi in Dar es Salaam and Miyuji in Dodoma region. It is expected that 600 units will be constructed to both projects.
For proper planning and management of the projects, Housing cooperatives were formed to both projects; Muungano housing cooperative for Chamazi in Dar es Salaam and Sejeseje housing cooperative in Dodoma. The housing cooperatives are registered and have board members who are formed by community members and supported by CCI.


The programme was launched in 2009 in Dodoma region. The aim of initiating this programme is to bring the hopes, involve and participating in development activities as well as raising awareness about HIV among federation members and community at Large. People living with HIV have been supported through training in home-base care, income generation trainings, small loans through their groups, and counseling. Through their inclusion in the Federation, they are able to voice their issues and tackle the stigma and discrimination. They are able to do saving, accessing loans and others have established small business at individual and group level. Currently there are 1,056 members who are in 35 groups.

Approaches 8

Provision of infrastructure services to the urban poor has been daunting tasks. Most solutions implemented by actors have always been implemented with less involvement of the community who are the beneficiaries. This has led to lack of community priorities and voices being heard to the authority leading to the poor community ownership and sustainability on the projects. The need for engaging organized community for the wider community action;  and development of strong partnerships between organized community groups have been realized as strong  vehicle for addressing sustainable urban challenges faces the urban poor. This is the premises through which Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI) and Tanzania Urban Poor Federation operates from.



Our approach are based on organizing community, supporting financial accessibility through saving and credit and using the special  revolving Fund (JENGA), collecting informal settlements information through Mapping, enumeration and profiling, helping the community to identify challenges, plan, set up priorities and use the information gathered for negotiating with the government. Learning through peer to peer exchange visits have used as well as exploring different mechanism for addressing affordability issues.


  • Address : Center For Community Initiatives,
  • Kijitonyama (Behind COSTECH Building),
  • Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road, KIJITONYAMA.
  • P.O. BOX 31515.
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